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Will of Margaret Oakley Jandrell

Above is a copy of the will of Margaret Oakley Jandrell,daughter of Richard Oakley and Margaret Meyrick and only sister of my g-g-g-g grandfather, John Oakley. Briefly, the will can be summarised as follows:

This is the last will and testament of me, Margaret Jandrell of Church Pulverbach in the county of Salop, widow. I give, devise and bequeath unto:
WILLIAM OAKLEY of Allfield, Salop, farmer, several pieces of land which I lately purchased from William Orwell Esq situate at Church Pulverbach for and during the term of his natural life, and after his decease I bequeath said land to
THOMAS OAKLEY of Hinton, Salop, for the term of his natural life, and after his decease to
THOMAS OAKLEY of The Moat, Salop, for the term of his natural life, and after his decease to
JOHN OAKLEY now of London, grocer, and after his decease to
RICHARD OAKLEY of Olden, Salop, then to the said William Oakley and Samuel Simmons of Church Pulverbach who as soon as it is convenient after the decease of the survivor of the above sell the land and divide the money equally between:
THOMAS OAKLEY now of London, currier, and JAMES OAKLEY now of Allfield, farmer, share and share alike.

My executors are to invest the sum of £720 and the interest and proceeds thereof I bequest to the said WILLIAM OAKLEY of Allfield for his natural life, then after his death the said sum is to be used to discharge the following legacies:
THOMAS OAKLEY of Hinton £50
THOMAS OAKLEY of The Moat £50
THOMAS OAKLEY of London £50
JAMES OAKLEY of Allfield £50
CATHERINE OAKLEY of Shrewsbury, Widow of the late John Oakley £50
ELIZABETH OAKLEY of Shrewsbury £50
MARGARET WRIGHT daughter of the above-named Catherine Oakley £50
JOHN OAKLEY son of Timothy Oakley late of Frankton £20
Samuel Simmons £100

The rest and residue of my personal property to William Oakley of Allfield.
Written: October 9, 1828.
Proved: September 26, 1835.

NOTE: Allfield was a farm about one mile North east of Condover. Hinton was a township in the parish of Pontesbury, six miles south west of Shrewsbury.

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