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Children of John Oakley and Catherine Hewitt.

Above: Saint Julians Church, Shrewsbury, where the Oakley family worshipped in the late 1700s to mid-1800s, and a portion of the quaint Wyle Cop where John Oakley had his grocery shop and family home.

My great-great-great grandfather, John Oakley, was born at Shrewsbury, Shropshire, in c. 1802, the fourth child and first son born to his parents John Oakley, a grocer, and his wife Catherine Hewitt.
Like all of his siblings, John was baptised at the Oakley family place of worship, St. Julians Church, Shrewsbury, Shropshire. The baptism took place on June 7, 1802.
John was one of twelve children born to John and Catherine, and his siblings were as follows:

Catherine Oakley b c. 1797-98, Shrewsbury. Married John Lasbrey, December 9, 1819 St. Julians, Shrewsbury

Elizabeth Oakley b c. 1799, Shrewsbury. Spinster. Buried April 19, 1833, aged 34, St. Julians, Shrewsbury.

Mary Oakley baptised June 4, 1801. Buried June 16, 1801.

Margaret Oakley baptised July 4, 1803, St. Julians, Shrewsbury.

William Oakley baptised June 7, 1804, St. Julians, Shrewsbury.

Richard Oakley baptised December 11, 1805, St. Julians, Shrewsbury.

Thomas Oakley baptised January 20, 1807, St. Julians, Shrewsbury. Married Ellen Meabry,( the youngest sister of his sister-in-law, Jane Meabry Oakley ), St. George, Bloomsbury.Occupation: currier. Two sons, Herbert and Thomas, and three daughters- Ellen Maria, Louisa Jane and Alice Elizabeth. Louisa Oakley married Frederick William Lasbrey in Chelsea, Greater London, 1870. Alice Elizabeth married Sir Henry Laurie.

James Oakley baptised February 23, 1808, St. Julians, Shrewsbury. Married Hannah Clayton, April 2, 1835, at St. Julians, Shrewsbury.

Jane Oakley baptised August 24, 1809, St. Julians, Shrewsbury. Died December 6, 1811, Aged 2 years

Anna Maria Oakley baptised January 28, 1811, St. Julians, Shrewsbury.

Timothy Oakley baptised July 4, 1812, St. Julians, Shrewsbury. Buried March 20, 1813. Aged nine months.

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