Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Burltons of English Frankton, Salop.

Very little is known by me about my Burlton family. The name first appears in my family tree in 1809 when Elizabeth Burlton of English Frankton married Timothy Oakley in Ellemere, thus becoming my great-great-great-great grandmother.
She died in 1822 at the age of 39, leaving only one living child, a son named John Bourne Oakley. Her husband Timothy Oakley had predeceased her by eight months,leaving eight year old John an orphan.

Elizabeth Burlton's parents were John Whottall(or 'Whettall' or 'Whittall'!!) Burlton and his wife Elizabeth. I can't find a marriage for the couple, so I don't know Elizabeth's maiden name as yet. John was born c. 1752. Another Burlton family were also living in Cockshutt at the same time as John and Elizabeth, and the age of the head of the family, William Burlton, suggests that he may perhaps have been a brother of John. William Burlton was born c. 1756, and his wife was Margaret, again maiden name unknown.
John and Elizabeth Burlton had three children- two daughters and a son:

ELIZABETH BURLTON: baptised November 17, 1782, Cockshutt. Married Timothy Oakley June 7, 1809, Ellesmere. Died March 16, 1822, aged 39.

JANE BURLTON: baptised December 16, 1786, Cockshutt. Married John Griffith, 21 April, 1816, Ellesmere.No issue. Died January 1, 1861.

JOHN BURLTON: baptised October 28, 1788, Cockshutt. Married Elizabeth Oakley,January 4, 1816, Stapleton. She was the niece of Timothy Oakley, and daughter of Timothy's brother Richard Oakley of The Moat, Stapleton.They had one daughter, Jane Oakley, who was baptised on June 1, 1817. She died aged one in August of 1818. Her father John had died in the previous March, aged 29.

John Burlton the Elder must have held land around English Frankton as it is mentioned in his will. The Burlton family suffered great losses amongst their members in the five year period around 1820.
Son John Burlton was the first to pass away, aged only 29, in March of 1818. His death was reported in 'The Monthly Magazine': Died- At English Frankton, Mr. John Burlton, deservedly lamented." His one year old daughter Jane Elizabeth Burlton died in August of the same year.
Seven months later, in March of 1819, 67 year old John Whottall Burlton died, followed the very next month by his wife Elizabeth, aged 62.
There was a "death-free" gap until 1821, when Elizabeth Burlton's husband, Timothy Oakley, died in July of 1821. Elizabeth herself was buried eight months later,in March of 1822.
William Burlton of English Frankton was also buried in January of 1822, aged 66.

I have never, in any other family branches, had such an intense cluster of deaths in one family over such a short period. I would love to discovered the causes of their deaths, and what the death rate in the villages of Cockshutt and English Frankton was in the period 1818-1822.

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