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Jane Elizabeth Oakley's Children

Jane Elizabeth Oakley had four children with her first husband, surgeon George Hulme Beaman, and five with Augustus Grain, her second husband. Of nine children, all except two survived to reach adulthood...twin son Augustus William J. Grain was born with brother Henry William in 1870. There was no death record for him, but the following year Jane's next pregnancy also resulted in a son whom they named Augustus William, so the little twin Augustus must have predeceased him.
The second Augustus William did not survive either-he died aged one in 1873.

A brief run down on Jane Elizabeth Oakley's is as follows:

* EMILY JANE BEAMAN: born c. 1854,St. Pauls Covent Garden, Westminster. Married George Peter Harrison, a commission agent and then a tailor's shop man, in 1877. Lived in Bradford, Yorkshire,Salford Lancashire and then Moss Side, Lancashire. Two children, Mabel b c. 1880,Bradford; and Stuart b c. 1884, Salford.
Emily was widowed between the 1901 and 1911 census returns. In the 1911 census, Emily was living by herself in a five room dwelling in Moss Side, Manchester. She had no occupation, and was Living On Her Own Means, aged 56.
Her daughter Mabel Harrison had predeceased her, according to the 1911 census return, and her son Stuart, a tailor's manager, had married and was living in Caythorpe Street, Moss Side, with wife Grace, 4 year old son Stuart and 8 month old George.

* GEORGE HULME ROBINS BEAMAN:born c.1855, Westminster, London.Studied at Epsom College,Surrey. From the Epson college register: "Beaman, George Hulme Robins [Mrs. Grain, Petersfield, Hants.] ; b. 1855, 1. 1871. Drawing, Arithmetic, Divinity, History, and Geography Prs., several prizes." Was a surveyor and risk assessor for an insurance company.Married Eleanor Nicholls in 1881.The 1881 census showed the couple living at 11 Woodstock Rd, Hornsey, Middlesex. George’s occupation was given as ‘fire insurance surveyor’. George and Eleanor had three children, Sydney George Hulme (1887), Dorothy Eleanor (1889) and Winifred Gladys (1892).
The 1891 census stated that George Hulme Beaman, 36, was living in Tottenham, with wife Eleanor,33, and two children- four year old Sidney G.H. and two year old Dorothy E, both of whom had been born at Tottenham. His occupation was still ‘fire insurance surveyor’. Fourteen- year old Elizabeth Andrews also lived with the Beaman family as a servant.
The 1901 census reveals that the family has been added to with the addition of 7 year old Winifred Gladys. Her father George is 46 years old and an 'insurer of fire risks'.
In 1911, George and Eleanor still had their three children living with them in Tottenham. At the age of 56 George was still a Fire Insurance surveyor. His 24 year old son Sydney George Hulme Beaman was an insurance clerk, and 22 year old Dorothy Eleanor a private secretary to a chartered accountant. Younger daughter Winifred Gladys was 19 and living at home with no ocupation given.
Son Sidney George Hulme Beaman became a very well-known author of English children's books, notably the Toytown series.S. G. married Maud Poltock in Fulham in 1913 and had at least two children: Geoffrey S. Beaman (b. Edmonton, 1914) and Betty Beaman (b. Barnet, 1918).

* KATE JULIA BEAMAN:BORN 1861, Covent Garden, London.She was married twice, first to Robert Valentine Bayard in 1885 and then to widower Robert Henry Galway in 1904.
Both of her husbands came from military families. Her first husband, Robert Valentine Campbell Bayard, was born in Richmond, Surrey, in 1859, the son of Lieutenant Colonel John Campbell Bayard and his wife Fanny Eugenia Wace. John C. Bayard had been born in India in c. 1819. His father was also named John Campbell Bayard, and he was similarly a Lt. Colonel in the Army. He came from Rugby in England, and fought in the American War of Independence with the 7th Regiment. In 1764 he was appointed Commandant of Fort Detroit, and the following year was made Superintendent of Indian Affairs. He was given 'Gwernydd' in Wales as a grace and favour property for his servcie.
John C. Bayard his son was Lt. Colonel in the 96th Regment. After he retired from the Army he lived in Gwernydd and was a J.P in Welshpool, and also resided in the family home at Hillmorton Lodge in Rugby. John C. Bayard the Younger died on August 3, 1883, and his wife Fanny on April 12, 1894.
Besides Robert Valentine Campbell Bayard, John and Fanny Bayard had issue:

Frances Campbell Bayard: Married Edith J. Simpson 1880. Marriage notice read: " BAYARD-SIMPSON: At Carshalton, Surrey, Mr. Francis C. Bayard, L.L.M, Cantab, of the Inner Temple, London, Barrister-at-Law, to Edith J., daughter of Mr Frederick Hamilton Simpson F.R.C.S.E of Carshalton, on March 20, 1880." Died 1927. Death notice in the London Times: " Campbell-Bayard. On January 22, 1927, Francis Campbell-Bayard, L.L.M, of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law, and of Wallington, Surrey, aged 75."
His wife Edith died on March 2, 1929, aged 80.

Fanny Campbell Bayard. Married Frederick Charles Wace, M.A., L.L.M., Fellow, Tutor and Mathematical lecturer of St. John s College, Cambridge, the eldest son of Charles Fisher Wace, at the parish church of Manafon, Montgomeryshire, on August 28, 1875.

Eugenia: found unmarried in census returns up until 1901, either in Wales or England.

Ella Bayard: born 1861, Richmond, Surrey.Lived mainly in Wales at the family home in Manafon with her parents until her mother's death. In the 1902 census she was living on her own means in Kirkley, Suffolk.

Francis and Robert Bayard were both educated at Rugby School in Warwickshire.Robert attended St. Johns College at Cambridge University. In 1884 he was awarded his Bachelor of Arts, and in 1888 he obtained his Masters of Arts.
In the 1881 census Robert Bayard was living and working in Sculcoates, Yorkshire,as an assistant school master, aged 23.
In 1885 Robert married Kate Beaman. The notice in the newspaper read: "BAYARD-BEAMAN: At St. Marks, Hamilton Terrace, Mr. Robert V.C Bayard, B.A, Cantab, son of the late Mr. John C. Bayard, J.P,Gwernydd, Manafon, Montgomeryshire, to Kate J., daughter of the late Mr. George H. Beaman, M.R.C.S, January 1."
Their only child was born towards the end of the year- John Campbell Bayard was named after his paternal grandfather and great-grandfather and arrived in the December quarter of 1885.
The 1891 census was the only one in which the Bayards appeared as a complete family.They were living at Sea Bank Road, Liscard, Cheshire, where Robert was the 32 year old school master of 'Cambridge School'. His wife Kate was aged 30, and John C. Bayard, their son, was five years old.
Five years later Robert was dead, leaving a wife and nine year old son to mourn their loss. He died on July 23, 1896, and although his wife Kate remarried eight years later, it appears that she never stopped grieving for her husband Robert. For years she would place memorium notices in the London Times on the anniversary of Robert's death. Initially, the person who placed the notices was not named, and they all read as follows, or very similar:
"In Memorium. Campbell-Bayard- In ever-loving memory of Robert Valentine Campbell-Bayard who fell asleep July 23, 1896. "To be with Christ, which is far better."
This notice appeared in the Times on July 26, 1910. Another in 1912 finished off "Not lost, but gone before".
In 1924, the notices started to be signed "Never forgotten, KATE". The last one I found was in 1927.
Kate Julia Beaman Bayard and her son John can be found in the 1901 census living in Bath, Somerset. She was a 39 year old widow, living on her own means. John was 15, and also with them was a 21 year old servant girl, Rosina Burchell.
Early in 1904, Kate Julia Beaman Bayard became the third wife of Robert Henry Galway. Robert was the son of Irishman John Robert Galway and his wife Frances Leticia Seaman, and had been born c. 1860 in India. John Galway was a non-commissioned officer in the Navy. He and Frances had nine children- three sons and six daughters, some born in India and some in Ireland. After retirement John Galway settled with his family at Farnham, Surrey.
Eldest son Robert joined the Army and became a Sergeant Major. He married three times, the first two marriages taking place in India as he was stationed there:
1. Married Jane Eleanor Louise Heywood in Bengal, 1883. Had three daughters- Daisy Ellen baptised Dinapore, India, November 24, 1883. Died Meerat, India, 1884; Ethelina May Galway born 1885, Peshawar, India. Married Rutherford Vincent Theodore Hoskins in 1908, India; Jane Galway born Dinapore, India 1887, no more information. Robert's wife Jane died in India in 1887.

2. Agnes Gardiner Inglis, second wife, married Robert in 1888 at Makora, India. She gave birth to one son, Henry John Galway, in 1889.

By the time the 1891 census came around, Robert Galway and his family were back in England.He was stationed in the District Calvalry and Artillery Barracks at St. Giles, Essex, with his wife Agnes, 23, daughter Ethel aged five and one year old John. Of daughter Jane, who was born to his first wife Jane in 1887, there was no sign.

Agnes Gardiner Galway died in Farnham, Hampshire, in 1900. The 1901 census shows that widower Robert Galway was 40 years old and working as the Manager of Lipton & Co, Grocer.His daughter Etheline was working in Aldershot, Hampshire, as a 15 year old grocer's assistant.Eleven year old son Henry Galway was staying in Farnham, Surrey, with his grandparents, John and Frances Galway. John Galway died in Farnham in 1908 and his wife Frances died in 1914.

3. Widower Robert Henry Galway married widow Kate Julia Beaman Bayard in 1904 when she was aged about 43 years.The 1911 census showed the couple at 11 Dorchester Rd, Weymouth. Aged 50, Robert was clerk in CRCG Office Red Barracks ( whatever the heck that means!), and Kate was 48 with nil occupation. Her son from her marriage with Robert Bayard, John Campbell Bayard, was living in Thetford, Norfolk. He was a 25 year old bank clerk, boarding with three other young male bank clerks in a house ran by a 48 year old widow named Eleanor Beales, who was also a baker and confectioner.
John Campbell Bayard joined the Army after the Great War erupted in 1914. His stepfather Robert Galway died the same year. John joined in 1915, and his war records can be located on When he signed up he was a 30 year old bank clerk living at 18 Vicarage Rd, Thetford, Norfolk, and was descibed as being five feet seven inches tall, fresh complexion, blue eyes and brown hair.His next of kin was his mother,Mrs. Kate J. Galway, of Dorchester.
John was a Gunner with the Royal Garrison Artillery. He survived the War and was discharged on November 18, 1919, with a nervous debility pension. He was soon working at Lloyd's Bank, Farnham, and in 1920 was married in Brighton, Sussex, to a Miss Howes or Haggard.
Kate Julia Beaman Bayard Galway lived a long life.Her death notice in the Times of April 10, 1944, read: " GALWAY- On April 4, 1944, at Westbury, Mrs. Kate Julia Galway of 6 Nelson Place West, Bath, passed peacefully away aged 83 years."

* ARTHUR HENRY BEAMAN: born January 12, 1863, the fourth and last child born to Jane Elizabeth Oakley and George Hulme Beaman. He was only ten months old when his father died in November 1863.In the 1871 census Arthur was eight years old and living in Petersfield, hampshire, with his mother, sister Kate, stepfather Augustus Grain and 8 month old half-brother William Grain. This is the last reference that I can find to Arthur Henry Beaman in official English records, although I have just had the belated idea of looking at the will of his maternal grandmother Jane Meabry Oakley to see if she mentions him....yep-the will, written in 1893, mentions "my grandsons George Hulme Robins Beaman, Arthur Henry Beaman, John Griffiths Oakley and Harry Meabry Oakley"
This being the case - that Arthur Beaman was still alive in 1893- why can't I locate him in the census returns of 1881 and 1891??? Or find his death anywhere? I have used the indexes of several census providers, including Ancestry, Thegenealogist and Findmypast, and none of them come up with records of Arthur Henry Beaman beyond 1871. A mystery to be returned to at a later date!

UPDATE: Arthur Henry Beaman has been expected, he was living in another country-New Zealand! The newspaper 'Bay Of Plenty Times' on October 5, 1880, reported that the New Zealand Shipping Company's ship 'Fernglen', under Captain J. Bubb, which left London for Auckland on July 19, 1880, had arrived, and amongst its passengers was Second Cabin passenger Mr. Arthur H. Beaman.
Many advertisements appear in numerous newspaper editions for "BOWRON BROTHERS (London, Christchurch and Napier), Wool Merchants and Fancy leather manufacturers. Arthur H. Beaman, Manager, North Island, New Zealand."
Arthur Beaman married Ruth Emma Bishop in New Zealand in 1884. Amngst their children were:
1886: Alice Mary Beaman
1887: Ernest Beaman. Married Mary Jane Armstrong 1923.Died 1954.
1888: Florence Annie Beaman. Died 1889 aged eight months.
1889: Annie Ada Beaman. married Arthur Ernest Morris 1915.
1891: Name not recorded Beaman.

Arthur's wife Ruth Beaman died in 1943, aged 87 years. As yet I have not located Arthur Beaman's death details.

* Augustus William Grain and Henry William Wallis Grain: twins. Born July 19,1870, Petersfield, Hampshire, the first children of Jane Oakley's marriage to Augustus Grain. Baby Augustus died at birth or vey soon after.The birth notification in the local newspaper mentioned only the birth of one baby: " GRAIN: On the 19th inst. at Petersfield,Hants, the wife of Augustus Grain Esq of a son." Remaining twin Henry bacame a Barrister-at -Law after being articled to his Uncle John Henry Grain, a Notary Public in London. He married Kate Smith in Hackney on August 21,1900. They had at least three children: Felix William Grain born April 21, 1903, Hackney; Anthony Ernest born August 9, 1907, Hackney; and Barbara born July 22, 1910.
Henry Grain joined the Army on August 9, 1914. He was with the Middlesex Regiment, number PS/77, and as well as serving in Britain, served in France from 17 November 1915 until September 7, 1916. His physical characteristics were given as height: five feet six and a half inches; weight 12 stone 7 pounds; fair complexion, grey eyes and fair hair.

* AUGUSTUS WILLIAM GRAIN: born in Petersfield on August 13, 1871.Birth notice read: "Grain- On the 13th inst. at Petersfield, the wife of Mr. Augustus Grain of a son."
On February 3, 1873, the Pall mall Gazette carried the following notice: "Deaths: Grain, Augustus W, infant son of Mr. A, of Petersfield, Hants, January 29." The local Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle on February 5, 1873, carried a slightly more detailed notice: "Deaths: On the 29th ult, Augustus William, the younger son of Augustus Grain Esq of Petersfield aged 17 months."

* ERNEST AUGUSTUS GRAIN: Born in Petersfield in 1874.Like his half-brother Arthur Beaman, Ernest is a mystery child. He appears with his parents in the census return of 1881, but I can't find him anywhere from then on. I pick him up again in the 1930 electoral roll for Manly-Warringah in NSW, Australia, where he was working as a land agent and living in Winbourne Road, Brookvale. Six years later he was in Northern NSW in Tamworth, New England District:- Ernest Augustus Grain, 241 Maius Street, Tamworth. Florist.
Shipping records for unassisted passengers to Victoria show Mr. E.A. Grain, aged 32 years, arriving in Melbourne from England in December of 1896 per the ship 'Orizaba'.
He then appears in the 1900 Wise Directory of New Zealand as 'Ernest A. Grain, settler, Ngaire'. There are no records of his death or marriage in New Zealand.
Ernest Grain died in 1959 in Tamworth, aged 84 years.I have found no marriage for him, or evidence of any family, but have ordered his death certificate to see if it offers any extra information that may help to complete his story.

* JANE GRAIN: was born at Petersfield in 1875. The FreeBMD index records her name as being "Jane Frances Grain', but she was referred to as 'Jane A Grain' or 'Jane Ann' in census returns.Jane lived with her mother Jane Elizabeth in every census return up to 1911. There was a marriage for a 'Jane A. Grain' to Jonathan Seaver in 1915 at Bromley, Greater London, but I have no way to prove whether this was our 40 year old Jane.

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