Monday, April 20, 2009

7. Percy Oakley, the final child of Edwin Thomas Oakley.

Percy Oakley was born in 1887 in Manchester, the seventh and final child born to Edwin Oakley and the third child born to his second wife Elizabeth Turner.
I know next to nothing about Percy Oakley, who was my great-great uncle. My grandfather Norman Oakley and his brother Gordon never once mentioned him to me during our family history discussions, and I am positive that their father had never told them of Percy's existence for some reason.They knew of Albert and Mabel, although nothing beyond their names, but finding Percy with the family in the 1891 census was a complete surprise to me.
In 1891 he was a three year old child,living with his parents and siblings with his maternal grandmother, Elizabeth Turner, in Moss Side.
In 1901 Percy was a 15 year old student living at 7 Cedar Avenue, Walthamstow, in Essex. By 1911 he was living with the rest of his family at 13 Park Rd, Richmond, twenty three years old and working as an insurance clerk.
That is my last sighting of Percy Oakley thus far..I hope I can add more to his story as time goes on.

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