Friday, April 3, 2009

Twelve Generations Back-my ten X great- grandfather, Edward Ockley.

Edward Ockley the Elder lived at Braginton Hall, Alberbury, Salop, and Stretton in the same county.He was born in c. 1565, and married ELIZABETH HARRIES. Edward is mentioned in official documents as being executor of a William Ockley's will in 1606, and appears in a deed from 1617.
Edward and Elizabeth had four sons:
EDWARD the YOUNGER: mentioned in the will of his cousin, John Harries, dated November 8, 1659.
JOHN: my ancestor. Dealt with in the next blog.
THOMAS: still living in 1659.
HUGH: died prior to 1659.

I can find no references to Braginton Hall beyond the report of a ghost who used appear and ride the horses!
" Braginton Hall Ghost. This Hall was a place of repute in days gone by, though at present it is a farmhouse. It is to the east of Breidden in Alderbury. The ghost was very " for'rad", our informant told us, and was at last so bold as to appear in broad daylight, and when the waggon team was taken out the " for'rad " ghost would mount the foremost horse and ride it openly, so that anyone could see the imp.
This could not, of course, be allowed, and so twelve parsons came together to lay it, and they had their work cut out for them, before they could overcome the
ghost, but they, however, succeeded in overcoming the cheeky imp, and he was laid, and never afterwards troubled anyone."

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