Saturday, April 4, 2009

John Oakley, 1665- 1724

John Oakley was my seven greats-grandfather. He was baptised at Westbury, Shropshire, on September 28, 1665, the eldest son of Richard Oakley and Mary Hughes.
On October 8, 1691, John Oakley married Margaret Farrington, daughter of Thomas Farrington of Fitz, Shropshire. She had been baptised at Fitz on December 28, 1669.
They had the following issue:
* JOHN OAKLEY: baptised August 23, 1692.Married twice. First marriage was to Mary Humphreyson on June 11, 1720. Mary died in February of 1727, and John remarried Elianor/Elinor Jones of Pontesbury on February 10, 1729, at meole Brace. She was buried on October 11, 1743.

* THOMAS OAKLEY: baptised on February 28, 1694. He died in April of 1729.

* EDWARD OAKLEY: mentioned in a deed dated 1721.

* RICHARD OAKLEY: my ancestor, dealt with in the next blog.

* MARY OAKLEY: mentioned in a deed dated 1721.

* MARGARET OAKLEY: baptised October 3, 1697.

John Oakley of Westbury died on July 31, 1724.

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