Friday, May 15, 2009

The Oakley Home, Melbourne Street, Mulwala.

Above: The former bank building in Melbourne Street, Mulwala, that was the Oakley home for many decades.Gordon and Norman Oakley kept the home in the family long after the deaths of their parents. Gordon and his wife Evelyn lived there after their marriage, and then they rented the house out after Gordon built a new home across the river in Yarrawonga.
They sold the house in the 1980s, and it has since been demolished and a new home built on the same site.


  1. Hi there
    I came across this pic by doing a google search on Mulwala Public School.
    Would you believe I actually lived there for a while in about 1990. By that stage the house had been divided in half internally to make two separate residences. I lived in the front half of the house and my bedroom was the window on the left. This pic must have been taken after the division of the house as you can see the latice on the verandah that separated the yards.
    The house was demolished some years ago, and i noticed you thought another house had been erected, but to this day it is still an empty block. It is situated on the same side of the road as Hick Butchery, being divided by a road and another vacant block. It is now a 'dirt carpark' for the Mechanic shop next Door.
    I have really enjoyed your photos and history of your family, and hope my little piece of information has been helpful in putting another piece in the puzzle of your family history.

  2. Hello,
    I just popped in to this blog for the first time in ages, and am so thrilled to have found your comment...thank you so much for taking the time to make such an informative addition. I haven't been to Mul for many years...I think that it was my father who informed me that another house had been built on the block. I'd love to have an archeological dig in the carpark where it rumour has it that there was an old well somewhere on the property where Aunty Eve would turf things that she thought were rubbish (such as all of my Pop's and his brother's childhood Mechano sets!)When I was little I never liked the look of the house when we'd drive past..I think it was those mean little windows in the front looking like evil narrowed eyes. :-)
    Do you still live in the Mulwala/Yarrawonga district? I had a very interesting scrap of paper somewhere on which Harry Oakley had jotted down the history of Mul since he first visited the town, before he moved there..I really must find it and put it on this blog as a little bit of history from one of the early residents. Thank you again for contacting me and contributing to the blog-it was terrific to read your part in the house's history. Cheers, Jen